Commission Information

If you would like to order a portrait, you will need to consider:

  • Photographs can be used to work from or speak to Hannah about producing the painting from life.
  • If a photograph is to be used for reference, please provide a copy of the original, or attach it in an email.
  • A meeting can be arranged with Hannah in order to take a series of photographs of which one can be selected as a reference for the painting.
  • Consider the canvas size that would be suitable for the area in which it will be hung once finished. See information below regarding canvas sizes.
  • Oil paintings can take up to a month to dry after the painting is complete.
  • Painting time varies depending upon size and detail within the image, however it is advisable to grant as much time as possible for completion.
  • If you have a limited time frame, contact to Hannah for options.
  • Varnishing preserves and maintains your painting, exposing the pigments at their best. This can be done six months after the painting has dried.
  • Fees vary upon size and detail within the painting. Please contact Hannah for a price guide or direct quotation.
  • Other materials such as acrylic, grafite, pencil, charocal or watercolours are available.


Canvas size (inches):

10x10, 12x10, 12x12, 14x10, 16x12, 16x16, 18x14, 20x8, 20x16,

20x20, 24x18, 24x20, 24x24, 30x20, 30x24, 30x30, 39x16, 40x30.