Meet the Team

 Miss Hannah Garnham



"My Dad reminded me of this wonderful memory of a primary school parents' evening whereby my teacher had explained that we were asked to draw a carrot in class. Most of the kids had drawn an orange triangle with some greenery protruding from the top, but to my Dad's delight I had not only drawn the natural irregular shape of the carrot, but I had also included the wrinkles and tiny little root hairs. Dad proudly told that story to so many people over so many years. That's how it all began..."



I thought I'd tell you a little about me and how I got into portraiture.

I pursued art throughout school, further and higher education, and specialised in portraiture at the end of my first year of the BA(Hons)Fine Art course. My interest in the face started with painting an elderly relative of mine, and exploring her story within the lines, textures and colours of her face, like a kind of record. I thoroughly enjoy watching the image emerge, and then observing my subject on the canvas oversee me apply the finishing touches. I'm hooked.

The commission process is exciting and nerve-wracking. Each new commission is a new beginning, and I am sensitive to the emotion that is attached to the client's loved one(s) I paint.



Mrs Stephanie Walters

PR & Marketing Consultant


image coming soon...


Hello, I'm Stephanie.

It is my pleasure to be working with Hannah whilst she pursues her dream of becoming a portrait artist. I've known Hannah for almost ten years, and when I first met her she painted everything and anything interesting (I have three of her early works hung in my house). I have watched Hannah develop her Fine Art skills into a portraiture specialism over the last four years and have been astounded by the result.


Having recently completed a BSc(Hons) Psychology and Criminology and then going on to begin my career in this field, I wanted to practice my other experience and skills within marketing and customer service...and what better way than to promote something you truely believe in.


I'm the friendly voice at the end of the telephone or email when dealing with your questions or quotations. It is my job to stay in contact with you, and let you know what stage your portrait is at in the painting process. I am here to answer any questions and ensure that you are as thrilled with the final product as we are. Any feedback will be gratefully received.

Speak to you soon!